Identity is Everything

Create expressive, persistent identities for VR, Gaming, Blended Realities and Education. We are the Identity-Makers of the New New World.

We All Change.
We All Stay the Same.

Over the past 15 years, we've assembled a vast network of talented artists who have created hundreds of thousands of assets and identities for virtual world builders and game developers across multiple industries. The relationships we've formed in this tight-knit community have reinforced our belief that to truly create and experience new realities, virtual identities need to be able to adapt to the vision of developers and users alike.

Creating Persistent Identity

Identity itself is as fluid as our character system. It means different things in the world of gaming than it does in chat or educational experiences. No matter the avenue, it's most important that we have the ability to claim our identity and take it with us to the worlds we build and visit. Change is the only constant, so be ready to Morph.


Be you, in every world.

The New New world is sure to be full of countless adventures — many of which can be experienced with recognizable friends and foes. Whether it's augmented or hyper-reality, our Morph Character System allows you to heighten your experiences when exploring blended reality worlds.


Be you, wherever you go.

Whether it's chosen or persistent identity — Feel comfortable in your own skin, even if that skin is green. Take on new experiences and collect new memories that both confirm your identity and help to re-define it. Whatever you do, however you change, continue to be you.


The Future Now

Field trips to the moon are now a reality. Hands-on trainings in a safe, realistic environment are right at your fingertips. Educators and students, employers and employees need to experience education and training on a deeper level. When you (as yourself) can take part in the moon landing or experience the highest quality educational simulation, the learning experience becomes much more than a paragraph in a book, it becomes a firsthand experience with the past and the living present.


Live the game

Whether it's populating an entire world of avatars with unique characters, or living the game out as a minotaur, Morph allows you to fuse your identity into the gaming experience. For creators, MCS puts a Pro studio at your fingertips. Sign up today and you'll receive the Male and Female lite packs with over 140 morphs.

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Morph Character System
Pro-Grade Unity Character Platform

  • Character
  • Auto-fit Clothing
    + Accessories
  • Runtime
  • LOD
  • Visemes &
  • PBR Texture
  • Dynamic Skeleton
  • Character
    Dev GUI
  • Asset
  • Mobile & VR
  • Artist Tools for
    Content Creation

Identity Creation for Game Designers.

"The Morph 3D team has a great vision for the future of avatars and they are backing it up with excellent aesthetic decisions and strong technology."

Ozan Serim
High Fidelity

"The ability to represent yourself in VR exactly the way you want, whether you're going to learn, play or just chill out, is the future of VR. Morph understands this and has made it the core of their business."

Mike Armstrong
Immersive VR Education

"Morph 3D is on a mission to be the gold standard of advanced avatar engine and character management system for virtual, augmented and mixed realities."


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