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Changing The Game

You’ve built a Unity game, but you don’t have the time or resources to make your own custom characters from scratch. So what are the options?

You could hire someone to make them for you. Too expensive and time consuming -- Scratch that.

You could buy a pre-made character from the Unity store. Unoriginal, doesn’t match your game -- NEXT!

But what if there was a pre-made character that you could mold into your ideal protagonist or evil-doing bad-guy? That’s more like it.

Now, what if that character could morph into countless other forms in-game and take advantage of an ever growing library of clothing and props? THAT'S a GAME-CHANGER!

User Testimonial

"I think developing and creating an awesome character asset system/marketplace for unity and unreal is inspiring. As someone who's created a ton of digital assets for films, games, and ads, it's incredibly valuable being part of shaping this."

John Chalfant
A key player in the creation of Batman Arkham City, Wolfenstein New Order, various Blizzard games and motion pictures

Artists Wanted

Want to make money from your 3D assets? Morph is always adding to its network of 3D artists and store to create the premiere Unity game asset marketplace. Whether you produce standalone or MCS add-on content, we're the place. Help change the whole game.

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  • One of Blizzard's Best Shows his skills on MCS

    John Chalfant has been a big name in 3D for years. His 3D art talent has been showcased in many of Blizzard Entertainment’s titles, as well as Batman Arkham City, Wolfenstein and a load of others. Hear from John what he's now done with MCS.

  • Women Tech Council ‘Tech Talk’ - July 27, 2016

    Morph 3D Community Manager was asked to head a panel for Women Tech Council to field questions on the latest in consumer Virtual Reality.

  • Pokemon Go and a Peek at the Future of AR

    An extremely popular game, Pokemon Go is just a hint at the potential of Augmented Reality (AR.)

    Here's another peek at where AR is heading.

    Anyone else envisioning an amazing adaptation of Mortal Kombat?

  • MCS In Action

    MCS in Action

    High Quality Characters and Avatars. Morphable into whatever you need and dynamic enough to change in-game. A library of clothing and accessories to go on them, and an army of global developers making more. A true character engine you can just plug in so you can focus on making your game, experience, or VR world amazing with optimized assets.

    Yup, we've got that.

  • Unite Amsterdam, The Netherlands: May 31 - June 2nd

    The Westergasfabriek, location of the 2016 Unite Amsterdam Games Conference

    Amsterdam has to be the coolest venue for a video game conference! Unite Amsterdam was held at Westergasfabriek, a location that looks exactly how it sounds­ like a gas works factory with a ton of character. Down in the belly of this 100 year old brick and iron gas tank you get the sense that you’re are attending a massive underground, euro­techno­rave with a few thousand of the hottest Unity minds.


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