Ready Room Gives Users a VR Space to Create and Manage Their 3D Avatars and Assets.

Ready Room delivers a ready-built immersive VR Avatar creation experience powered by the Morph Character System. This means that you can just drop it in and have your players creating personas. But because it's built on MCS you still have full access to all of the MCS API's to change those characters over time in your world.

Additionally, Ready Room acts as a "portal" to VR platforms. So you can have doors from your Ready Room into other worlds, and you can choose to allow other Ready Rooms to add your world as a door as well.

Looking for a more custom experience?
You can always integrate MCS directly into your application.

We believe that wherever you go, your persistent digital identity will enhance and deepen the many adventures you’re sure to experience. Once you’ve created your avatar, step through your Ready Room portal and enter one of the many destinations that our partners and world builders are creating—whether that be Social VR, gaming, or an educational experience, you’ll be ready for anything.

  • Infinite Avatar
  • In-World
    Runtime API
  • Plug & Play
    Avatar Importing
  • A Portal to
    Your World
  • Auto-fit Clothing
    + Accessories
  • Reputation &

Want To Learn More About How To
Integrate Ready Room With Your World?

Keep Informed

Ready Room + High Fidelity

We're excited to announce our partnership with High Fidelity. We believe this will be the first of countless virtual worlds that Ready Room users will soon be able to visit.