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April 6, 2018

Morph3D Unveils Pilot Partnership Details; Integrates “Ready Player One: Avatar Creator” with “The OASIS beta” 

Leading avatar creation platform utilized in immersive virtual reality game, company announces pilot program for developers 

Morph3D, creator of the leading avatar platform and character management system for virtual, augmented and mixed realities, introduced today a pilot program to pair game developers with its multi-platform avatar creation engine. The company also announced the integration of Ready Player One: Avatar Creator into The OASIS beta, the virtual reality experience launcher based on the Warner Brothers film “Ready Player One”.

In the OASIS beta’s ever-expanding universe, players are able to explore, compete in, and launch multiple VR experiences including Ready Player One: Avatar Creator. With millions of permutations, the Avatar Creator lets you create your own highly detailed OASIS persona.

The Vive Studios’ “Ready Player One” VR experiences are based on the Ernest Cline novel and Steven Spielberg film, a story in which people engage in an online world called The Oasis through a carefully chosen avatar. To bring that critical personalized component to The OASIS beta, HTC Vive selected Morph3D’s powerful avatar creation engine. 

“Bringing in Morph3D for the avatar creation element of The OASIS beta was the perfect choice,” said Joel Breton, GM of Vive Studios. “Morph3D’s design and software is second-to-none and the engine integrated into this complex project quickly and efficiently.” 

Morph3D’s avatar creation engine plugs directly into game and virtual world software, allowing developers to utilize industry-leading personalization tools and design features without the expense of building entire systems from the ground up. Morph3D’s engine is the result of over 15 years of experience and using a network of more than 600 artists. It functions seamlessly across all major gaming platforms, including AR/VR, desktop, mobile and console.             

“Our avatar engine is forward-thinking, built to solve future problems by eliminating the time and expense of developers building their own personalization, and allowing users to create an avatar they can carry between platforms and games,” said Jim Thornton, CEO of Morph3D. “The OASIS beta project is a great example of the engine’s ability to plug into any application.”

The Morph3D pilot program will look to put its avatar creation platform in the hands of game creators, offering developers and designers of all levels tools that would typically only be available to AAA development teams. 

Developers interested in learning more about the Morph3D avatar creation engine can visit the company website or send an email to Follow Morph3D on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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