The Morph Character System gives you the ability to create an unlimited range of unique characters and even have them change over time—perfect for populating games and applications with avatars that complete—not compromise your vision.

By using MCS you instantly have all of the muscle of a world-class studio. Instead of developing or purchasing a single, static character, with MCS you gain access to our library of thousands of ready-made free or for purchase assets.

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The flexibility of MCS is tremendous, but if you're looking for something more pre-built, check out our Ready Room,
a VR-ready MCS experience that you can plug right into your platform—giving end uses the ability to create and manage their avatar's identity.


Sculpting your own custom character from scratch is super easy and you have all the time in the world to do it.

If (true) then you may go home.

If (false) then read on.

Sculpting from scratch is not your only, or even best, solution. With Morph 3D’s morphing capabilities, you can get that exact character you want, just like sculpting from scratch. The only difference is, you’re starting with a pre-built, pre-rigged character instead of a block. Simply dial up this morph here, pull that morph down some there, and VOILA! You’ve got an aesthetically pleasing character that you’re players are going to go nuts over.

You can literally fill out a whole crowd of people without using the same character twice - all from the same base model.

You can even control and combine these morphs through the API and change your character during runtime to show aging, progressions of alien infections, and changes in health and physique.

Swappable Clothing and Accessories

Hold on to your britches - cuz we're about to knock your socks off. With MCS, you can swap out clothes, accessories, hair styles, weapons or mix and match any item you have. You could have a victorian, super-spy, cowboy, yoga instructor from space in your game if you want - we aren’t going to judge you.

Even better, all of these items will work across any of you MCS character creations as well as morph with your characters as they grow, shrink, age, and twist into various inhuman combinations.

Runtime API

MCS isn’t just a character creation platform; it also a full, on-going character interface that allows you to change morphs, clothing, hair and other accessories. They are all built on a rock-hard content management system. This means you can do your runtime mashups without having to string together miscellaneous, partially-compatible bits and hope the duct tape holds in all of in your in-game situations.

LOD System

Sometimes you need a big, beefy, hi-fidelity character to kick butt and chew gum. Sometimes you just need a light weight, low-poly character to sneak across enemy lag thresholds. Your character needs to be able to adapt to its target platform. MSC effortlessly scales to make the most out of any gaming environment.

(Coming soon): In addition to the LOD levels MCS delivers today, watch for our upcoming features that will include extremely mobile optimized options, as well as the ability to combined the various character and accessories objects into a single, super optimized figure for your game.

Visemes and Phonemes

Pro-tip: Make your main character an aspiring ventriloquist and all your dialogue animations will be super easy to create. Or better yet, use MCS's built in facial morphs to get realistic speach animations. With the 16 different phoneme morphs, you can accurately mimic human speach in your game or application.

PBR Texture System

Beauty isn't just skin deep, but you gotta start somewhere. MCS includes top quality PBR textures and materials from optimized PSD files and the leveraging of the Volume shader.

Dynamic Skeleton System

Animating your character can be a real pain in the fully-articulated neck. Add to that MCS’s morphing capabilities and now you have scaling bones, drifting joints, and completely different character sizes… Animate that? This may have you launching into a “bang head on keyboard” cycle. Not to spoil your nervous fit, but these animation problems have already been solved. Enter Morph 3D’s Morph Character System and the Magic of MECANIM.

Creatures and other Crazies

We've made it to the wild side of MCS. Fancy meeting YOU here. MCS gives you several creature forms such as Hag, Goblin, Fairie, lion-man, bat-creature, alien, and more. It also lets you slowly dial-on the level of 'inhumanity' and even combine them into your own beastly creations.

Character Development GUI

MCS includes a basic character GUI to dial in your perfect character as well as source code so you can build your own. Create your character, then drag and drop in new content bundles. Once you're done, take things even further by accessing all of these adjustments right from the run-time API as well.

Supported by a Community of Artists

Swappable clothing is great, so long as there's a good selection and a source for more to come. Well the good news is - we have an army of global artists that keep a consistent flow of new outfits, hair styles and ideas coming in.

The even better news is - You can be one of those artists to produce your own content and sell it through Morph 3D. After all, content is still king.

Artist Tools

Making your own models functional in MCS is easy. It means your content gains those same dynamic cross-figure capabilities. Start modeling with the software you prefer, using the provided Figure Templates from Morph 3D. Then bring your models into the Artist Tools which enables you to edit or make new materials, project morphs, generate alpha injection masks, and export your converted content for use in your own game project or application. You can even test drive your content right in Artist Tools to check the results of various morphs and animations before you export.

Use your content on a variety of MCS characters in your own games and applications, or resell it through Morph 3D to other MCS developers.

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Morph 3D MCS API for Unity documentation contains a complete list of all available classes and functions for the Morph Character System.

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