MCS-SDK  1.6.4
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 CConvertWeldedMeshMorphConverts a streaming morph file (or sidecar) morph from a pre-unity fbx import into a morph that matches the correct vert count in unity
 CCSBoneServiceCoreServices BoneService MonoBehaviour Component class - Component utilities for bones
 CCIattachmentPointClothing Item Attachment Point class. Contains all information and methods for controlling an attachment point. Derives from MonoBehaviour and is a Component class.
 CCIbodyThe CIbody class contains information on an idividual body item. Inheriting from CostumeItem, which in turn is a MonoBehaviour; making this class a Component class.
 CCostumeItemThe CostumeItem class a MonoBehaviour Component base class attached to all CostumeItems
 CCoreMeshComponent class that is attached to each LOD of a figure or costume item
 CJCTHolds data for a single bone requiring JCTTransition service.
 CMorphGroupA group of morphs tracked by their LocalName. Used to organize Morphs in the M3DCharacterManager editor script into convenient groups.
 CMorphGroupServiceIn charge of handling MorphGroups for the M3DCharacterManager editor script.
 CSkeletonHandles creation, manipulation, and modification of a skeletal structure/mecanim avatar
 CStreamingMorphsHandles extracting and storing the morphs from the StreamingAssets folder. Normally a developer would not need to use this class directly. Instead use the M3DCharacterManager and CoreMorphs classes to attach morphs.
 CDictionaryExtensionsDictionary extension class.
 CKeyValueFloatSimple string and float data pair class, without constructor.
 CTextureUtilitiesUtility class for manipulation of Textures.
 CM3DCharacterManagerAn M3DCharacterManager is a subclass of Unity's MonoBehavior and is automatically attached to MCS Figures when they are loaded into the scene. Every MCS figure will have its own instance of M3DCharacterManager
 CAPLayoutAttachment Point layout base class inherits from MonoBehaviour
 CContentPackContent Pack definition class. Every ContentPack
 CCoreMeshMetaDataMonoBehaviour component class CoreMeshMetaData. Holds all data for a single CoreMesh. As a component class the CoreMeshMetaData is added automatically to the same node as the MORPH3D.COSTUMING.CostumeItem component is added
 CJCTMorphMorph class containing data for an individual morph
 CJCTTransitionJCTTransition MonoBehaviour Component class.
 CM3DAttachmentPointConfigurationAttachmentPointConfiguration class. Inherits from ScriptableObject
 CAttachmentPointPresetAttachmentPoint preset class, contains all the data for a single Attachment Point
 CSinglePropDefaultLayoutDefault Layout class for a single Attachment Point. Inherits from APLayout.
 CVertexDeltaVertexDelta class ties an integer index to a Vector3 vertex delta