Morph 3D MCS API
Morph 3D MCS API Documentation

Welcome the Morph 3D MCS API for Unity Documentation

Although this documentation contains a complete list of all available classes and functions for the system, 95% of what you will need to do can and should be accomplished through a single component called "M3DCharacterManager" that sits on the root of each character and provides a custom GUI.

The easiest way to access this component is by creating a custom script via the Unity editor and dragging it on the figure you want to manipulate at runtime. Import the MORPH3D library by typing "using MORPH3D" at the top of the file. In the Awake() or Start() method of that custom script type "M3DCharacterManager charman = GetComponent();". You will then have compete access to the API.

For specific details of the M3DCharacterManager CLICK HERE