Unite Amsterdam, The Netherlands: May 31 - June 2nd

Unite Amsterdam, The Netherlands: May 31 - June 2nd

The Westergasfabriek, location of the 2016 Unite Amsterdam Games Conference

Amsterdam has to be the coolest venue for a video game conference! Unite Amsterdam was held at Westergasfabriek, a location that looks exactly how it sounds­: like a gas works factory with a ton of character. Down in the belly of this 100 year-old brick and iron gas tank you get the sense that you are attending a massive underground Euro techno rave of sorts with a few thousand of the hottest Unity minds.

This year’s Unite Amsterdam was something of a homecoming for Morph 3D considering that it was at Westergasfabriek last year when we announced our first product, the Morph 3D Sci-Fi Female Character Pack. After that product spent several weeks as a top 5 best-seller in the Unity Asset Store, we knew our vision for a dynamic character platform for games and VR had some legs. So we went full steam into preparing the release of the Morph Character System (MCS). Eight months after the release of MCS we were back again touting the platform’s latest and greatest improvements.

Considering these optimizations, we thought it would be cool to create a couple MCS demos for the Microsoft HoloLens and the Samsung Gear VR. As it happens, the HoloLens was not yet available in Europe so everybody was lining up at our booth to give the demos a spin. Teaching hundreds of attendees how to make our MCS character morph, shrink, and walk around the booth floor was fun but exhausting work. However, on the last day, just minutes before his final keynote to conclude the conference, none other than the founder of Unity himself, David Helgason, made a point to give our demo a go. He was impressed!

David Helgason, checking out the Morph Character System minutes before his final Keynote.