Shadow's Kiss - From Clockwork Throne

Shadow's Kiss - From Clockwork Throne

SHADOW’S KISS - From Clockwork Throne

Enter a world of gothic vampires, steampunk hunters, technological necromancers, Victorian ghosts, and the unquiet dead. Shadow's Kiss is a fictional world of horror and seduction, being realized as an online gaming experience where these places, characters, and mythology come to life.

Some Feedback from the Developer:

1) As an indie studio building a world of vastly different (sometimes scary, sometimes beautiful) characters, Morph 3D was exactly what we were looking for. Morph 3D gives us a high degree of customization, lets us create vampires and other sinister beings, and is very easy to work with. Being able to smoothly morph a character from human to monstrous is absolutely delightful. It’s also very easy to create *attractive* characters and it seems odd to have to stress this but that’s a very desirable thing.

2) When I’m telling a fellow developer about how great Morph 3D is, I immediately stress how easy it is to use. I wrote my first test transformation in 15 minutes; the morphs are easy to use and the system is very intuitive.

3) We’re obviously waiting for the pipeline tool to let us develop our own content (nightclubs full of vampires need lots of gothic clothes). As a programmer, I’d like a shader or something that lets me smoothly morph between, say, human skin and vampire skin. A system that handled tattoos, scars, and skin variations in a performance sensitive way would also be extremely nice.

(From Morph 3D: Noted and on our list. We have some big announcements, advancements, and partnerships you’ll be hearing about the second half of this year. ...So big it’s “scary”!)

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