VR Focus looks at Morph 3D

Virtual avatars come to brick-and-mortar stores

Engage CPD

New Discussion Panel with Special Guests from the World of VR Education

Graphic Speak

Bold Metrics and Morph 3D team up to create VR dressing rooms

NPR Marketplace - Shopping with AR

How augmented reality can improve shopping

Discovery Channel / Daily Planet - Try on clothes in Virtual Reality

The latest in VR allows you to try on clothes and go shopping without stepping into a store!

Bold Metrics and Morph 3D

New avatar tech defines next generation of retail

MIT Technology Review

A Virtual Version of You That Can Visit Many VR Worlds

MCS Artist Tools

Create and Sell your own dynamic content.

MCS 1.6

Morph 3D is excited to introduce MCS 1.6, now optimized for Mobile and VR.

Morph 3D Partners with VRChat

Using Morph 3D’s industry-leading Ready Room platform, VRChat users can easily create unique and personalized avatars

3 Companies Working To Make Better Bodies In VR

Companies such as Itsme, Morph3D and Loom are bringing technology to market looking to enable users to use avatars across any platform or device, and for any purpose.

Identity in AR and VR

Wherever you go, your persistent digital identity along with those around you will enhance and deepen the many adventures you’re sure to experience.

Cheddar and Berkley Frei

From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange - Cheddar and Berkley Frei on the future of VR.

Morph 3D on Conan

Conan gets to meet a few Morph 3D Characters. Good thing they don't always look so sad...

VentureBeat Talks 3D Avatars

Dynamic 3D avatars that let you design your own look. Designed to integrate into VR and AR worlds and applications. Who and what do you want to be today? It could be (virtually) anything.

Ready Room + High Fidelity

Morph 3D is excited to announce their partnership with High Fidelity

Augmented Reality: Top 100 Influencers

Morph 3D's Director of AR/VR, Chris Madsen, named #4 top influencer in Augmented Reality

Gamasutra Looks at VRDC Sponsors

Intel, Google and Morph 3D join growing list of cutting-edge VRDC sponsors.

Shadow's Kiss - From Clockwork Throne

It’s not even Labor Day yet. But the stores already seem packed with Halloween goodies. Well, nothing beats planning ahead. In the "spirit” of Halloween season, we want to show you what game developers have been working on with MCS and offer you a great deal to get your own spooky juices flowing.

One of Blizzard's Best Shows his skills on MCS

John Chalfant has been a big name in 3D for years. His 3D art talent has been showcased in many of Blizzard Entertainment’s titles, as well as Batman Arkham City, Wolfenstein and a load of others. Hear from John what he's now done with MCS.

Women Tech Council ‘Tech Talk’ - July 27, 2016

Morph 3D Community Manager was asked to head a panel for Women Tech Council to field questions on the latest in consumer Virtual Reality.

Pokemon Go and a Peek at the Future of AR

An extremely popular game, Pokemon Go is just a hint at the potential of Augmented Reality (AR.)

Unite Amsterdam, The Netherlands: May 31 - June 2nd

Amsterdam has to be the coolest venue for a video game conference! Unite Amsterdam was held at Westergasfabriek, a location that looks exactly how it sounds­: like a gas works factory with a ton of character.

Consumer VR Launch Party

Morph 3D and UtahVR hosted 300-400 people, and a record number of Vive Stations at their Consumer VR launch Party this weekend.

Unite Seoul 2016

In an amazing opportunity, we found that Unity had set things up so that we could hit two countries in one trip- South Korea and China. Starting with Seoul, we spent several amazing days seeing this country, meeting its people, and introducing the concept of MCS to game developers there.

Morph 3D sponsors UtahVR event

The Metaverse is under construction and with consumer Virtual Reality just around the corner, everybody will need avatars; a closet full of avatars for every occasion.